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Run Squad

1hr  $75 per 10 sessions

or $20 p/w DD including tailored weekly program 

Our run squad is designed to support Sub 3 hr Marathon runners through to first timers. We use a blend of Hills , Sand and flat areas to improve strength , speed and your technique 

Strength & Conditioning

$72.50 per session / $700 per 10 session pk

As a Level 1 S & C Coach, I can develop a program for you to help you achieve your goals. This is a tailored program  for you. So if its a specific sport you want to perform to your optimal strength then this is for you.

Triathlon Coaching

4 weeks  $180

Triathlon Coaching is all about you. Our coaching programs are written and managed via the Trainingpeaks platform. Your program is written around your goals and lifestyle. There are no generic programs written for individual athletes. 

Personal Training 

$70 per session / $650 per 10 session pk

Your personal training is developed around your goals whether is be weight loss, weight gain or general fitness . These sessions are 60 or 30 minute sessions


As a distributor of TRUE PROTEIN , I can cater for your need 

Core Strength & Rehab

$50 per session / $450 per 10 session pk

Do you need help with core strength and or rehab ? I can help you become stronger and get you ready for a more intense workout . these sessions are 45 minutes 

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